Private Dakini Sessions (Her)


Package of 10/ 90min sessions

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Also offering discounts to single mothers

A woman is like a delicate rose; if you treat her with care and respect, she will bloom.
— Rumi

I strongly believe , that feminine empowerment starts with woman’s Vagina, Yoni (in Sanskrit means sacred temple). Yet so many women are completely disconnected from their Yonis. And that is not your fault. We have been conditioned for so many years and carry lots of shame, guilt and silence around it. And that is why we are unwilling or afraid to even go there.

Science is confirming, that vagina is essentially connected with our brain. In fact, both are one whole system, which has it’s own deep wisdom. By re discovering, healing and awakening the mystic of the feminine sexuality, we can open the doors to our own divine soul.

Women are fed up being put into a victim role and feeling ashamed around their sexuality. 1 out of 3 females have experienced some sort of abuse in their life. It is time to let your voice be heard and yes, it is ok to scream out loud: “I am erotic, sexual, orgasmic and free!” Because you are that and more.

With a help of my sensual but powerful tantric sessions, we can eliminate those old beliefs and heal by bringing awareness to your Yoni.

My sessions are designed uniquely to you, often guided by my own intuition, as well as respecting your own specific issues, needs and desires. I meet you where you are.

I offer Time Line and Emotional release techniques, Creative Expression through movement and dance, Orgasmic Energy Expansion, The Chakra Mapping, Sacred Rituals and Yoni Egg practices to enhance pleasure and elevate you to a deeper ecstatic states, so you can truly experience the Bliss of Enlightenment.

I focus on a physical, emotional, energetic and spiritual levels.

On a physical level, you will feel your Yoni become more stronger, juicier, more flexible and alive.

On an emotional level, you will strengthen connection with your Yoni and start loving her without any judgment. You will experience tremendous healing from the past traumas which will help you to balance emotions and boost your sex drive.

On the energetic level, you will clear the blockages from the past unhealthy experiences around your sexuality. By massaging into numb and painful areas of a Yoni, can help release and let go of these stored old memories.

On a spiritual level, you will awaken cosmic sexual energy within yourself. As Tantra teaches us of a path of non-duality, which weaves together opposites - the lower (sex) and the higher chakras (spirit).

As a Goddess, you were born with the sexual fire within. You are more than a body. You are living energy. You can transform through many stages into your full potential!

Begin your journey today!


Yoni Egg Practices



In this practice, you will be introduced to a powerful tool which can transform and awaken you sexually - the Yoni Egg. It is a smooth egg shaped crystal, originally made out of Jade. Ancient Chinese always valued Jade because of it’s ability to balance the energy and attract love. Yoni egg is usually used for women’s pelvic floor exercises (toning), healing sexual traumas, energetic blockages, emotional wounds as well as activating and balancing hormones, enhancing sexual satisfaction by awakening the inside tissues to experience pleasure on a whole new level.



Private Gentlemen Session (Him)


Package of 10 /90 min sessions

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Though you are rock or marble, you’ll become a jewel when you reach the man of heart.
— Rumi

Many men resist being pleasured. They either take or give pleasure. Men need to learn how to accept, relax and let someone pleasure them. To be like a sponge and absorb as much as possible.

Men tend to hold in a lot of stress, which distinguishes them of energy. It is believed that they should always be and look tough and ready to go. This particularly creates tension not only within their physical level but mental and emotional as well.

Every man wants to be a better lover. For many, even the thought of being unable to provide a lasting and fulfilling sexual experience for his partner creates stress and anxiety.

Man usually “sees” his power in how good of a lover he is to a woman. But is this really true? Most women don't have enough knowledge and confidence how to communicate with their men to bring them to higher orgasmic pleasures, so men wont really know how to, unless they experience a full body and energetic orgasm themselves.

The secret here is not how to be more powerful in sex but rather how to be a better lover. And by a better lover I mean to learn how to relax into arousal and flow into a greater state of a whole body orgasm without releasing. It is a true skill for men to learn, as many of them are being programmed to do the opposite. But once they learn, they will be able to ride the waves of cosmic pleasure through peaks and valleys for as long as they like and show up as a lover woman needs him to be. This tantric practice will allow them both to stay in prolonged ecstatic pleasure and merge into a sacred divine union.

During our Private Sessions you are going to be regaining the natural ecstatic state of your body, as well as activating our natural capacity to heal using our own energy, re-sensitizing the body, releasing insecurities, fears, guilt, prolong your love making by focusing on senses rather than having an orgasm as your goal, establish heart/sex connection, increase arousal, help to relax your mind, body by bringing you into the present moment and self-realization.

There are different reasons why more and more men wanting Tantric experience.

Men are thirsty for intimacy, sensual touch, adoration (yes, men want that too!) and acceptance. These are all aspects of softer, more receptive part of their feminine side, which all men have but afraid to open up and completely let go. By signing up for Sensual touch session, you will learn how to relax into your body through breath, feeling and using all of your senses to expand the potential of pleasure and joy without holding any expectations. The way you are being touched and revered may open the doors to body/mind/soul that almost never get opened in the current game/market/hook up/sex culture we are living in.

Other men issues may include Premature or Delayed Ejaculation, Erectile Dysfunction or Sex Addiction, which takes away from intimacy, causing shame, lack of confidence, embarrassment. By creating a super safe sharing space, re-sensitizing the body, unconditional presence, compassion, deep communication and other ancient Tantric techniques, can help you to begin the journey to cosmic heights of your sexuality.

Begin your journey today!



2 hours minimum

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Remember…the entrance to the sanctuary is inside you.
— Rumi

Want to encourage even more depth into your relationship? Inject more passion, connection, intimacy? The fire, the freedom you feel when first fall in love? Couple’s sessions may help you to open to each other and break some walls for the loving space to enter. It is important for couples to keep nourishing the trust, exploring, opening up through rituals and practices that deepen their love, connection and intimacy.

We think that romance in a relationship should always be running on high, as long as you love each other. Not exactly. You need to put some effort into it. Even if you think you are good, you can be great or extraordinary! It takes the courage to enter this path, but once you do, you’ll discover hidden treasures here. You become fond of each other again and again, and again.

Sacred tantric relationship is about pure trust, radical honesty, unconditional presence and opening all the doors to each other. My sessions serve as a container for you to explore, rediscover your passions and get out of the habitual ruts which take away aliveness and consciousness from your relationship.

Here you will experience array of new and old tantric practices and exercises, like:

  • Orgasmic energy expansion

  • Setting and holding a sacred space

  • Setting intentions

  • Connection exercises

  • The Sensory awakening rituals

  • How to have difficult conversations

  • Emotional release techniques

  • Partnered breath work

  • Uninterrupted listening (sharing in non-judgmental way)

  • Goddess/God worshiping

  • The art of slow sex

  • Energy circulation in love making

Show up for yourselves! You will eventually crave it! There is always more and deeper. Love never ends.


Weekend Intensives for Couples

Price inquire within

This is a two-day exclusive weekend for couples who would like to improve their relationship dynamics, maximize sexual pleasure, establish deeper connection, grow together spiritually.

This weekend intensive may include coaching on sexuality and discovering answers to any questions you may have around it, which will help you to advance deeper into the heart of Tantra.

Optional: As a certified holistic coach, I am happy to offer you an education on how to eat healthy to enhance your sexual performance and energy throughout the day, as well as how to balance your hormones (women in particular) through nutritionally dense meals.


Online coaching sessions

60 min/$150

Package of 4/$500

I am also available for online sessions via Skype, Zoom or phone. These sessions are perfect for those, who would like to stay in a comfort of their own home or live long distance. We talk about sexuality, tantra, relationships, personal growth, depending on your needs and wants. Conversations have no limits, just like tantra itself, and it can bring some deep insights or breakthroughs.

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